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Talent Strategy
In today's society, the most important factor determines the development of enterprises, not money, not technology, not the system, but the high sense of responsibility. Talent is the most valuable wealth, is the link of the enterprise, is the soul of company. Companies in the people-oriented management concept, pay attention to personnel training and development, and strive to create conditions for the development of talents, to cause to keep people, keep people, keep people to develop with culture. By making full use of their one's ability and cleverness to enable enterprises to grow and develop, the enterprise development strength is the &#118alue of the staff.
Companies adhere to the "not race horses" principle, with "performance is better than that of seniority, ability is higher than the degree" and "have both ability and political integrity" as a standard, encourage employees to display their talents. At the same time, the development of enterprises, we must constantly improve the overall quality of the staff, the company put forward "training is the largest employee welfare, staff development is the best return" slogan, and actively create a good learning, training condition, there are plans to training for their employees, fully exploit the potential of staff, promote the growth of talents.
A series of activities of the company by personnel diagnosis, for their own staff training, the advanced human resource management ideas into workable system for the characteristics of the company,, further adjustment in the organization, the staff of the enterprise human resources, human resources management mechanism, to establish the company personnel management, labor management and performance evaluation system. By using this system, the company improve human resources management level, arouse the enthusiasm of the staff, promote the progress of enterprises.
We firmly believe that talent is the real driving force for the development of enterprises, the staff is our flying wings, we are the member of stage show, and our staff be closely related and mutually dependent, only for common development. So we advocated a people-oriented management thinking, management policy, to implement people-oriented pointed out: "the business, is the talent management; the industry competition, is the competition of talents". Formulated the "people-oriented, talent resource, human resource management talent dynamic" of the modern enterprise.
Can only, appoint people on their merit, learn in order to practise, all-round development. The spirit of "use long, one short" principle, the implementation of appointment of management personnel, to find the most suitable jobs for every employee, is also seeking the most suitable staff for each position. Strengthen the training and learning. To provide training and learning opportunities for employees, walking road of the enterprise development study. To mobilize the enthusiasm of their staff, vigorously carry out the three ratio (ratio than ideal, technology, than with a (three), a beautiful environment, good order, a unit of civilization), shall be commended and rewarded propaganda to the winners, forming a strong learning atmosphere in the enterprise. Give full scope to the talents, talents. Following the "Zhao Pei synchronization, the combination of inside and outside, have both ability and political integrity, to the stage and development staff entrepreneurial opportunities. Reception staff rationalization proposals enterprises, between enterprise and employee, the formation of enterprises treat employees, employees of enterprises a good atmosphere of love. Create a standardized management and humanistic management combined with environment and atmosphere, through a variety of ways to cultivate their sense of honour, stimulate the enthusiasm for work.
Adhere to the "respect for people, trust people, understand people" principle, let employees feel that can be developed here. In the "people-oriented" enterprise culture, encouraging each employee "self-reliance loving plant dedication, pioneering and enterprising, cooperation and dedication", will be the heart and all staff's tightly together, for the enterprise, create greater &#118alue for the society!
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