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Ten major news of wire and cable in 2012

According to the southern cable network communication throughout the country membertracking, investigation and study, discussed by the editorial department of depth, the selection of electric wire and cable industry in 2012:

1Chinese wire and cable industry scale ranks first in the world

Chinese wire and cable industry scale is the first in the world, the total output value of the wholeindustry has reached 1.2 yuan RMB, a wire and cable production value is the greatest country in the world.

2Chinese has become Asia's wire and cable industry center

By September 26, 2012, China CEEIA wire and cable branch, Indonesia electric wire & CableAssociation, the International Copper Association, association of Malaysia wire and cable, wire and Cable Association and Taiwan Vietnam electric wire and cable industry association industry 6 organizations constitute the "Asian electric wire and cable industry organization (AWCCA)" was formally established in the cable. The AWCCA organization by the Shanghai Electric Cable Research Institute of Wei Dongren the first chairman, Secretariat in Shanghai Electric Cable Research Institute, marks the China has become Asia's wire and cable industry center.

3, State Quality Inspection Administration held national wire and cable industry product quality to enhance working conference

In November 1, 2012, the State Quality Inspection Administration jointly with the Ministry of industry, machinery industry association, Federation of electric power enterprises, China State Grid Corp, South Power Grid Corp held in Anhui province Wuwei County Gaogou town nationalwire and cable products to improve the quality of work conference. The State Quality Inspection Administration Deputy Director Wei Chuanzhong at the meeting requirements, to further promote the quality of the comprehensive improvement of wire and cable products, improve the overall level of quality of wire and cable products.

4, cable wire and cable network launched "red this price"

In 2012 March, cable online (www.dianlan.cn) grand launch of "the red wire and cable networkprice", on-line monitoring and real-time release cable cable "price limit and the latest marketprices", let the user to the technical specification of various cable and the market price well, as the industry to resist low price, high user weapon against collusion. Once launched, it has attracted great attention of the user unit, has been China petroleum and Natural Gas Corporation, China Huadian Corporation, Chinese Datang Corporation, Chinese Guodian Corporation, electric power planning and Design Institute, state nuclear electric power planning design and Research Institute, North China Electric Power Design Institute, more than 10 unitshired as a "consultant".

5, Jiangsu Hengtong Group Chairman Cui Genliang was named the 2012 top ten philanthropists

April 27, 2012 held in Beijing water cube 2012 good world ninth Chinese philanthropy list releaseceremony, Jiangsu Hengtong Group Chairman Cui Genliang won the "2012 top ten philanthropists" title again. Cui Genliang has donated 300000000 Yuan to the society. Who won the highest awards - China philanthropy "the most love donation person" and "China Charity Award" honor。
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