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ZhongYa consulting
Guangdong ZhongYa Aluminum Co. Ltd. (New Central Asia Aluminum) is a professional production of industrial aluminum profiles for architecture and famous enterprises, is China aluminum ten brand-name products manufacturer, one of the largest aluminum Chinese.
Central Asia aluminum product varieties and specifications of more than 10 alloy state, more than thirty thousand kinds of specifications and more than 600 kinds of surface color, almost all civil building doors and windows, curtain walls, decorative aluminum and industrial aluminum profiles of varieties and specifications.
[location] after 10 years of development and expansion, relocation from China aluminum town "Guangdong Foshan Dali" to hi tech Development District Zhaoqing Dawang, and a "Zhaoqing New Asia Aluminum Co. Ltd.", creates the brand as "Yaya brand"
[company size] covering an area of 1000 mu, the project investment of $eighty million, the annual output of 150000 tons. The company has more than 2000 employees, more than 50 professional and technical personnel.
[production equipment] 500 tons -3600 tons extruder 35, powder / fluorocarbon coating line 7, oxidation, electrophoresis workshop 3, deep processing workshop, mold center, quality testing center; environmental protection and energy saving furnace, aluminum billet homogenizing furnace, long billet shearing machine, double traction machine, polishing machine, sand machine etc. New equipment.
[process] anodizing, electrophoretic coating, powder coating, electro polishing, mechanical polishing, a fluorocarbon coating, wood grain coating, wear heat insulation, deep processing, finishing etc.;
[material]: doors and windows, category profiles, aluminum curtain wall, sun visor, shutter, anti-theft network, rolling gates, railings; industrial profiles: radiator, solar panel, aluminum frame, car audio power amplifier shell, aluminum box column;
[exporting countries] USA and developed countries, Europe, Australia, South Africa, Japan, Southeast Asia etc.;
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